At Joondalup Education Support Centre, we provide all students with a combined Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) specialist educational program. This program immerses students in a creative, initiative, and explorative learning journey. Students are motivated to explore and utilise their creative skills to solve problems and think critically.


During STEM lessons, students learn about the engineering design process where they ask/answer questions, create plans, draw diagrams, build models, and test and evaluate the effectiveness of their finished project against a design brief. Students start to develop resilience through challenging hands-on project-based tasks and activities that explore STEM concepts and encourages students to re-design as required. Students investigate different forms of technology using virtual reality, 3D printing and robotics. Through sensory learning, structured play and interactive experiences, STEM is inclusive to all ability levels. Allowing students to use their five senses to discover, observe and inquire about the world around them.