Independent Public School

Joondalup Education Support Centre is an Independent Public School (IPS) and as such we are able to offer the best choices possible for our students, families, staff and community. 

As unique as your child is so will be their learning journey be at Joondalup Education Support Centre helping them realise their abilities, dreams and passions.

Your child will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is specific to their educational needs and encompasses all learning from personal, social and physical development as well as academic achievement. 

We share the same campus as Joondalup Primary school which allows your child the opportunity for shared learning experiences.  Both schools have combined recess and lunch and assemblies, share learning areas, excursions and incursions and sporting carnivals.

Our School Board is the governing body of our school.  The board is made up of parents, our community members and our staff which ensures that the best outcomes are sought for your child.

As a student at Joondalup Education Support Centre your child will learn in harmony with all students of the campus whilst being able to access the support and specialised curriculum they need.