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The use of online educational resources and cloud-based storage are selected and used by Joondalup Education Support Centre to improve student learning outcomes. Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students. Services may be accessed through a web browser, desktop software or application on a tablet device.

Joondalup ESC wishes to utilise some or all of the third party application provider/s listed below to support students’ learning; depending on the student’s year level and ability. These providers require varying levels of personal information to be disclosed to them.

This form is applicable for all enrolled students from Kindergarten to Year Six at Joonalup ESC.

In the following sections, we will indicate the reasons why we use the service, what information will be required, who may have access and where the data is stored. Please visit the links for each provider if you would like to know more about their terms and conditions and/or privacy policy.

Four types of risk assessments:

  • No consent required
  • Notification of ‘Minimal Risk’ services
  • Consent for ‘Medium Risk’ services.

Joondalup ESC does not currently have any applications requiring individual consent.

Stated below is current information requested and optional information requested for each service. This relates to the information we disclose at this point in time and information the provider allows us to disclose and may be provided. Please note, it is and will continue to be our priority to minimise identifying information that is provided to third party services.

The school does not have access to many forms of personal information provided by the user to a third party service such as a credit card, address or password details. This information relies on the user to assess any risks involved and update as required.

Additional consent will be required with new third party services or if the risk assessment conducted by the Department of Education changes to a higher level.

Parents with multiple children must complete individual forms for each child from Kindy to Year 6.

Once you have viewed the applications list please click on the consent link below.

Third Party Services Permission Consent